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Interview Preparation Service

Interview Preparation Service


If you haven't been able to get past the interview stage of your job application and want to present your skills in the best way and outperform other candidates then this service is for you. Professionals of all levels can use this service; from entry level to director level.













Learn how to prepare for an interview, how to present yourself and your skills in the best way, how to outperform other candidates and secure the job.


Why choose us?

Our interviewers have been involved in the recruiting process for all candidates levels, including interviewing candidates and hiring them. They are well versed on what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for.

Our interviewers have extensive regulatory affairs experience in large global pharmaceutical companies and government agencies.

If you are not applying for a regulatory affairs position then the competency interview can be used, as this is a standard interview format used across different industries and roles.


This is a tailored service for you and the type of role you are applying for.


Build your Package.


Interview preparation packages starting from just £50.

• Free - Interview preparation guide

£30 - 30 minutes competency interview or

£50 - 60 minutes competency and technical interview (Regulatory Affairs only)


£5 - General regulatory affairs or

£20 - Tailored to specific job role


£5 - Phone interview or

£10 - Video call interview


£10 - Written feedback or

£25 - Telephone feedback

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Ms D. Rashid

I have been looking for a role in the pharmaceutical industry for a while so used the interview preparation service review service. I received many comments which focused on my skills and how I can stand out from others. The service is personal and highly informative. Using this interview service, I received many job interviews.


Woman with Glasses

Ms T.A

I can't recommend this service enough. It is more than just a interview preparation services, it is life changing. I had many interviews and got my first regulatory affairs job with a generics pharmaceutical company. Thank you

cv feedback hassan.jpg

Mr H.J. Malik

The Interview Preparation services review service is truly exceptional when it came to tailoring it to a specific job I was pursuing. Consistent feedback and assistance with the layout of the items and details allowed me to receive multiple job offers. I secured a job with GlaxoSmithKline!

Interview  Preparation Service


Prepare to enhance the communication flow.


formal and Informal Interview session

Fill in the Contact Us form, which has more detailed information on what to include in your interview session.


Finalise your Interview Session

If you have any questions while giving your interview then drop into a FREE live Q and A session with our expert by booking in the bookings calendar


Submit your interview request for Review

Send your request and a link to the job you are applying for to

and we will review your request against the job role. Written and/or oral feedback will be provided. before you send your request.


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