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Community Initiatives

As part of our goal to deliver for patients and contribute to society, we fund and support various initiatives that will benefit the community.

Women's Badminton and Basketball

Problem Statement

The UK is facing a health crisis. Inactivity levels are soaring and issues such as anxiety, obesity and poor mental health are all seeing a sharp increase. According to Public Health England, physical activity is the fourth largest cause of death and disability in the UK. Moreover, physical inactivity is associated with 1 in 6 deaths in the UK and is estimated to cost the UK £7.4 billion annually. Children are not immune to these figures, 1 in 3 children finish primary school either overweight or obese.


According to ethnicity facts and figures,  women were less likely to be physically active than men, with the lowest level of physical activity being seen in people from the Asian ethnic group – this has remained consistent for the last 6 years. Moreover, the percentage of people who are physically active is lowest in the West Midlands, compared to the rest of England.

Our Values:

Delivering for patients: Patients are at the focus of everything that we do and benefiting patients by our initiatives is crucial. Therefore, supporting the delivery of sports sessions for those with little physical activity and with an increased risk of poor health outcomes and disability is in line with our core values.

Contributing to Society: Supporting these sessions will allow people to lead longer and healthier lives.

How we Help: 

Considering that the levels of physical inactivity is lowest in women and those living in the West Midlands, we support women and girl's badminton and basketball sessions in Birmingham. These sessions are held in a private environment that also cater to the cultural needs of Asian women. This allows women and girl's of all backgrounds to keep fit and improve their physical health while enjoying sports in a friendly and private environment.

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